How to Stage Your Home for Sale


Staging your home for sale can be a stressful experience. You need to keep your home and property in tip-top shape if you want to sell it. With so much to do, what exactly do you prioritize? Get started by reading our list below:


Before doing anything, you’ll want to declutter your home. You’ve likely spent many years on your property, and as such, you likely have years’ worth of clutter. Once you decide to sell your property, go through every room and decide what to keep and what to throw away.


A staged home should be clean. Anything less will turn off potential buyers. We recommend deep cleaning your property right before the first showing. After that, you will want to keep it clean until it’s sold. You should do a little cleaning every day in order to keep things manageable.


You likely have many family mementos around your home. As wonderful as these items are, it may distract the buyers. A buyer should be able to envision themselves living on your property, but they won’t be able to do that if your home is still filled with your family items. Take any personal items and store them away in a safe place while you’re staging your home.

Final touches

A few final touches can make your home appear more welcoming. Put some fresh flowers on your kitchen table, light a few candles, or fluff up your pillows to create a comfy atmosphere. Additionally, the brighter a room is, the more attractive it is to potential buyers. Try to bring in as much light as possible by opening up blinds and keeping lights on.

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